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What is Craniosynostosis ?

A craniosynostosis is a developmental anomaly which occurs as a consequence of abnormal and non-physiological sutural fusion. In a newborn, the membranous bones of the cranial vault are separated by the intervening sutures. Such arrangement enables the infant’s skull to pass more easily through the birth canal and allows the compensatory growth of skull during the brain growth.

When one or more sutures are prematurely closed, the compensatory growth starts perpendicular to the patent sutures since the brain still grows and expands in the direction of lower resistance. The result is an abnormally shaped skull and also, in more severe cases, increased intracranial pressure (ICP), as well as sensory, respiratory and neurological dysfunctions During infancy and childhood, the skull bones  expand to accommodate the growing brain.

Since it is a disease of infants sometimes it may be difficult to assess early in course if skull shape is normal or abnormal.

The most common presentation is with an unusual head shape in the first year of life the head may be long and narrow or triangular at the front broad and flattened or skewed.

Such children may have problems associated with the airway, feeding, eye protection and raised intracranial pressure.

Surgery for these children is done after taking into account various factors like treating hydrocephalus first, then may be staged remodelling of skull shape and in certain cases cranio facial advancement.  It is a challenging surgery due to the young age of the patient and sometimes long duration and postoperative critical care plays a very crucial role in this whole process.

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Craniosynostosis Treatment In Delhi, India

Reshma Khanna


Dr. Vikas Gupta is a very good neurosurgeon. We are very satisfied with his stroke treatment for my mother. We were scared initially when our mom suffered from a brain stroke but Dr. Vikas assured us that with the help of surgery, she would be better. It’s been 3 months since her surgery and she is recovering well.

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Dr. Vikas is one of the best neurosurgeons that I know of. I visited him for my father’s brain surgery and like always, Dr. Vikas didn’t disappoint. The surgery was successful and my father has almost recovered from it. Thank you doctor for your guidance and support.

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My experience with Dr. Vikas Gupta was very good. He is kind, empathetic and helpful. He made sure we understood the problem which we were facing and was transparent and honest about everything. His diagnosis was accurate and treatment offered was cost effective

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