Neuro-oncological Treatment In Delhi


In this division we offer microsurgical treatment for most of the brain tumors simple complex. Most common brain tumor is Glioma which is a dreaded brain cancer, and a microsurgical removal, with most modern aids like yellow fluoroscopy to ensure complete excision is proven to the most effective first line of treatment for this cancerous disease. 

Other tumors of the brain is Meningioma, pituitary adenoma, and cerebellopontine angle tumor, namely acoustic neuroma among many others. We offer treatment with the aid of operating microscope, Neuro-endoscope, intra operative neuro-navigation and intra operative electrophysiology to remove tumor most safely and without causing minimal or no damage of normal critical areas of the brain.

This division also operates upon children suffering from brain tumors, like meduloblastoma, ependymoma, spinal tumors. This center is supported by a pediatric ICU to treat in post-operative period even very children. 




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