Pediatric Brain Tumor Treatment In Delhi, India

Pediatric Neurosurgery Treatment In Delhi, India

Any serious illness that befalls a child causes enormous emotional and physical strain, both for the child and the family. Neurosurgical problems within the pediatric age group are often hard and complicated. At SBH, we offer complete care for the full range of brain, spine, peripheral nerve, and craniofacial disorders in kids and young people. Because of our team’s medical expertise in brain tumors, epilepsy, Chiari malformations, tethered wire syndrome, craniosynostosis, and hydrocephalus, integration with neuroscientists is paramount.

Moreover, with professional support from an array of family-centred specialists like pediatric therapists, our on-site child education and recreation therapy offerings,has earned a national recognition for delivering the very best preferred of family-focused care. progressive work in new, minimally-invasive neurosurgery and imaging supported by cutting-edge technology and pioneering laboratory research gives us a bonus in performance of prognosis and in developing lower hazard surgical treatments. We’ve additionally launched a main interdisciplinary excellent initiative to focus on the satisfactory effects and on the equal time to maximize the affected person revel in for the child.

Happy Patients

Reshma Khanna


Dr. Vikas Gupta is a very good neurosurgeon. We are very satisfied with his stroke treatment for my mother. We were scared initially when our mom suffered from a brain stroke but Dr. Vikas assured us that with the help of surgery, she would be better. It’s been 3 months since her surgery and she is recovering well.

Aditya Singh


Dr. Vikas is one of the best neurosurgeons that I know of. I visited him for my father’s brain surgery and like always, Dr. Vikas didn’t disappoint. The surgery was successful and my father has almost recovered from it. Thank you doctor for your guidance and support.

Sanket Malik


My experience with Dr. Vikas Gupta was very good. He is kind, empathetic and helpful. He made sure we understood the problem which we were facing and was transparent and honest about everything. His diagnosis was accurate and treatment offered was cost effective

Spine and Brain Healers provides advanced medical care in the field of Adult neurosurgery,Paediatric Neurosurgery surgery, and Interventional Neurosurgery .

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