Vertebroplasty is minimally invasive approach used to treat vertebral compression fractures (VCF) of the spine. Those painful, wedge-fashioned fractures can be as a result of osteoporosis and damage. Left untreated, they are able to lead to a humped spine (kyphosis). By way of restoring the vertebra height with a balloon and injecting cement into the fractured bone, sufferers can recover quicker and reduce the danger of destiny fractures.

In vertebral compression fractures (VCF), the body collapses into itself (greater inside the front than the returned) generating a “wedged” vertebra. When several vertebrae end up wedge-fashioned, humans can broaden a humped backbone, called kyphosis. People with bones weakened by way of osteoporosis (a depletion of calcium) or a couple of myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) are in particular vulnerable to compression fractures. Activities, inclusive of lifting a heavy item, sneezing, or coughing can also reason fractures. VCFs can result in again pain, reduced bodily hobby, melancholy, loss of independence, reduced lung potential, and difficulty snoozing.

Vertebroplasty is achieved through a hollow needle that is exceeded via the pores and skin of your lower back into the fractured vertebra. In vertebroplasty, bone cement (referred to as polymethylmethacrylate) is injected thru the hole needle into the fractured bone. The process is repeated for every affected vertebra. The cement-reinforced vertebra allows you to face immediately, reduces your ache, and prevents in addition fractures.

Without treatment, the fractures will sooner or later heal, however in a collapsed role. The gain of vertebroplasty is that your vertebra is back to ordinary function earlier than the bone hardens.

For the duration of surgical operation a nearby anesthetic is injected inside the location where a small, half of-inch skin incision might be made over the fractured bone. With the resource of a fluoroscope (a unique X-ray machine), massive diameter needles are inserted into the vertebral frame thru the pedicles. The fluoroscopy display lets in the health care professional to peer exactly where the needles are placed and the way a ways they may be inserted. The needles are superior thru the bone the usage of both a twisting motion and a tapping mallet. The needles are angled to keep away from the spinal cord. Relying on the vertebral level, a single needle may be used. Bone cement is slowly injected below stress, filling the private region first, then chickening out the needle barely to fill top regions. The stress and amount of cement injected are closely monitored to keep away from leakage into unwanted regions. Even as entire filling of the vertebral frame is right, it is not always viable or vital for pain remedy. The needles are withdrawn right away before the cement hardens. The small skin incision is closed with steri-strips. You may not be moved from the running table till the closing cement within the mixing bowl hardens.

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